Winter Is Coming

[Agent Panic]

This morning I wrote the following Broker Memo to agents of our firm:

  • When fall arrives, the weather turns cold and the days are darker, which brings about a natural human instinct of preparing for winter. (Winter is coming).

    Our real estate businesses may be busy right now, but for most, it will continue to slow down as we move closer to winter. 

    This is problematic for our brains because is causes an underlying concern that you will not have enough food (business) to carry you through winter. 

    This concern can turn into fear and panic, which often turns into a form of paralysis where agents don’t do anything to solve the problem because they are so paralyzed with concern about their business coming to a standstill. 

    So, if you are feeling any hint of concern about the fact winter is coming for your business, then I recommend two things. 

    1. Don’t wait to schedule a meeting with Debbi and me. 
    In fact, schedule many meetings. Between the two of us, we’ve experienced over 35 winters with our real estate businesses. We have tactics and ideas that you can implement to help you through these dark months. Even if you think you have it mostly figured out, it never hurts to have a meeting to bounce your ideas off of us, as it may spark a new idea or even an adjustment to your plan that can have great implications for you and your business. The point is, you are not alone. You have allies. We care and we have your back.

    2. If your business slows down this winter season, that doesn’t mean youshould unless you want to.
    I can’t remember having a slow day in real estate. Why? Because if I’m not dealing with client work, I’m working on business development, marketing plans, prospecting, planning for the future, networking, fleshing out new ideas, the list goes on. Winter a is time to strategize, plan, and execute for the upcoming year(s). It’s a time to work ON your business, rather than primarily working IN your business. There is a difference, and that difference can have huge implications on the future growth and sustainability of your real estate career. So take advantage of this time. Embrace it. Take actionable steps to move your business forward. 

    **Of course, if you’ve been busting your ass all summer and fall, and you need some R&R time to refresh and enjoy some of things you’ve been working so hard for, then great, do that. Enjoy the slow down. We should never lose sight of what we are working so hard for.

For Your Business

If you are beginning to feel that “Winter is Coming” for your business and you don’t have experienced and reliable allies who will help you come up with a custom plan to guide you through the dark months, then maybe you are in the wrong camp and it’s time to make a change before winter really sets in.

At FSB, we’ve designed a customizable “moving plan” to make it easy for agents who would like to transition to our camp. The idea of changing brokerages can seem overwhelming. You might like the idea, and already know it would be good for your business, but because you already have a lot on your plate it may seem best to “wait for better timing.”

Waiting for better timing” is a lot like “Waiting for winter to be over” for your business.

If you are not taking actionable steps to get your business out of winter, you may find your business winter never ends.

I’m NOT saying that the FSB camp is the solution to solve all your business challenges. FAR FROM IT. At our camp you still have to put in the work to be successful.

We don’t give handouts, we give hand ups.

We provide mentorship, guidance, community, tools and strategies for your business. But we don’t have all the answers for you. At the end of the day your success comes down to you and your ability to learn and your willingness to take action.

Our camp is more like a 
Greenhouse for your business.

We create an environment that allows your business to flourish even in the dark and cold months of winter. But you are going to have to plant your own seeds and be consistent and disciplined about caring for them. It’s your business.

Winter is coming, so find yourself a greenhouse for your business.

Even if it’s not our greenhouse. Take actionable steps now so that your business can grow and prosper all winter long.


– Mike T

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