What is 

ImpactClub® is a platform that connects those who want to do good in the community to local charities who are doing good!

Why Join?

ImpactClub® provides an easy and fun way to deliver significant impact for our community. All Members chip in a $100 a Quarter, and through the power of strengths in numbers we can donate $20,000+ at every event and be a part of something truly extraordinary in our community.

Since all members donate the same about, we are all equally responsible for the $20,000+ we donate to the community every quarter.

How does it work?

4 times a year we host a LIVE Event, (typically on the first Wednesday of the month in Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) from 6:30 – 7:30pm. (Our next Event is March 6th at The Linen Building in Boise).

A couple weeks before each event, 3 local non-profits are drawn at random from charities that have been nominated by ImpactClub members. ALL of those nominations are put into a hat. Some might have 20 nominations, some might have 1.

The 3 selected charities are given just 5 minutes and a microphone to share their Story, their mission, their purpose with members at the live event. This is kind of like their TED Talk.

Members then vote on who inspired them the most and the charity with the most votes wins the pot.

Now, there are no losers because all 3 charities have exposure to our members. Plus all 3 charities have their Story captured in a Video documentary (we hire videographers to come document each event).

The events are fast, fun and an effective way to make a real difference.

We would love, love, love for you to join us!
More Members = More Impact

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P.S. Channel 7, did a great news story about our club. If you missed it, check it out here.




P.P.S. ImpactClub® Boise’s next event is this Wed March 6th, 6:30-7:30pm at the 
Linen Building in Downtown Boise




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