What is Impact Club?

What is Impact Club?

Impact Club is a new way of giving. Of making a true and measurable impact in your community.

It was designed to be simple, fun, entertaining and meaningful.

It’s a lot more than just crowdfunding for local non-profits.

It’s about harnessing the power of storytelling. Giving a voice to those in need and those who are in the trenches day in and day supporting our community.

Impact Club gives a platform for these stories to be told, and through our members, we share these stories throughout our community.

The more these stories are seen and shared… The more people get inspired to action. The more our community strengthens.

I invite you to learn more about ImpactClub. To join us. I’ve provided links below.

I’m Mike Turner, co-founder of ImpactClub Boise. I hope to see you at our next event. It’s time to make some Impact.


Until next time, have an awesome day.

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

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