What if we were MORE than just real estate agents?

I was listening to an interview with Tyler Perry yesterday. He is a very accomplished actor, director, and producer who built his own giant movie studio that now employs thousands of people every year.

He started from nothing. But even from when he was little, he knew there was something inside of him, a voice that told him that if you can just endure and put in the work, you can be so much more and do so much more.

He is an amazing example of someone who has accomplished so much in his life.

But the most striking thing that came from the interview for me was when he explained going from being goal driven to legacy driven.

There was a moment in his life when he realized he had “made it” because he had reached so many of his goals. He could have then relaxed, coasted, maintained. Not long after the birth of his child, something shifted in his mind. It wasn’t just about leaving his kids a great fortune.

It was a moment of clarity, of seeing the world differently. He realized how many people were intertwined into his journey. How many people looked up to him as leader, as an inspiration. How many lives he was impacting. That his journey wasn’t completely his own.

He realized he wasn’t dreaming big enough. That his life and the tough lessons he endured along the way had led him to this point where could make a tremendous amount of impact on others. It wasn’t about his personal goals. It was about being something MORE than just an actor, director, and producer. Something much bigger.

Perry’s story resonated with me deeply. So much of life we have our heads down focused on our job, trying to succeed with our endeavors, trying not to fail.

But then one day, you have that moment of clarity. We have gifts and strengths we have accumulated from a life full of lessons and experiences.

What if we used those gifts and strengths for something beyond our day jobs?
Or what if our day jobs gave a fulfilling sense of purpose beyond earning paychecks?

What if we were MORE than just real estate agents?

Where we were thought of and remembered for something other than our ability to list a home or show homes on the weekend.

Instead, people knew we stood for something. We led by example. We truly impacted our community. We made a difference.

Do you ever have that feeling that you were designed for something more, something bigger?

I haven’t always been able to say what that something more is. But I’ve felt it.

And the more I push myself and our brokerage to be something more than just a real estate company, the more I know we are on the right path.

Businesses like to talk about how they have purpose, that they have purpose before profit, but the reality is often different.

As individuals, our choices define us.
Same goes in businesses, our choices define us.

What if we all decided to be more?

– Mike T

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