What do you do? Really?

I get that question more than you might think.

People hear me doing a live radio show, or watch a video with my kids in some foreign country, or see me up on a stage handing over big checks at Impact Club, or walk by my office downtown, or read my weekly posts on life, business, and relationships.

So it is not surprising that I get that question.

There are many reasons WHY I do the radio show, Impact Club, teach classes, make videos while traveling overseas with my family each year, and share stories like these. Reasons I will share in the coming weeks.

But today, let me just quickly answer this question of “What do you do?” because for years I didn’t know how to best answer it.

I do a lot of things.

My primary business is real estate.

My primary job, however, is protecting those I serve from making fundamental mistakes.

And I take that job very seriously.

Having that focus on what my primary job is has served me well in my career.

Clients keep coming back and referring others because they know, above everything else, I am there to protect them, and to help them have the best outcome possible.

I have a track record of great agents staying at my real estate firm because they know I’m not focused on how much money I can make from them, but first and foremost, on protecting them from making mistakes in their businesses.

That is not to say that I don’t make mistakes myself. I’ve made many. I will make more.

But I also have 15 years of hard lessons I’ve experienced myself or observed from others that help me protect my clients in their transactions and my agents in their businesses. That is my primary job.

I’ve of course do many other things like stay up to date with the market or making sure we have the best marketing out there. Those are all things that I do in the course of running a good business.

The root of what I do is not glamorous.

It’s not as exciting as my travels, as public as my radio show, or as philanthropic as Impact Club.

But what I do matters to my clients and my agents.
And I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to do my job.

Happy Friday!

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

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