Tugboat Mentality

Time to Rock the Boat

Yesterday, on my radio show I interviewed Jim Thomas head coach for the BSU Women’s Soccer team.

An interview that blew my hair back (what’s left of it), because Jim’s coaching philosophy was so innovative and inspiring. He talked about how he came to his unique style of coaching only after multiple failures.

Jim openly shared about how his original instinctive response to problems was to be a “tugboat.

A tugboat uses its extreme power to guide and steer giant ships where they need to go.

The bigger the problem, the harder Jim felt he had to pull to get the ship where it needed to go. With sheer willpower, he would try to fix the problem.

When he said that, I instantly thought, yep, that’s me too.

The problem with being a tugboat, as strong as you might be, you are always limited to one. One engine. One way to pull.

All the while, you are fighting something so much bigger than the weight of the giant ship. You’re battling strong tides, bends in the river, unexpected gale force winds, and navigating around other large ships in your path.

There is only so much a tugboat can do, even an incredibly strong one.

Tugboat mentality is common. 
We are trying to accomplish great things with sheer willpower.

The alternative of course, is not relying on just one engine.

If you can just take a step off your tugboat and look around, you might just see many others who eagerly want that ship safely up the river too, and they all have different ways they can help make that happen, if you let them.

Jim Thomas says he was fortunate to learn this lesson early in his journey as the head coach of the BSU Women’s Soccer program.

As a result, he has developed new ways if elevating the roles and responsibilities of his staff and players. Now they all work in many ways to guide the ship.

And it’s working.

Jim has been with the program for the past 6 years, and in that time they have stacked up more wins than any other time in BSU team history. In the past year, they’ve broken all their previous records, and continue to reach new heights, not just in the sport of soccer, but also in academics and community impact.

The secret to accomplishing bigger goals, bigger achievements, and new levels of success…

Stop being the tugboat.

You only have one engine. You are limited by you.

Your tugboat is impressive, but maybe it’s time to find new ways to guide your ship up the winding river.

It’s working for Jim and his amazing team at BSU.
It can work for you too.

Ask yourself…
Who is on the same path as you? 
Who else is facing the same problem?
Can you envision a way you could work in tandem instead of solo?

If you can answer these questions and take some tangible action toward this approach, I bet you’ll quickly discover that all of you reach your destination much faster.

Happy Friday Everyone

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