The Story of 100k

Good Morning, and Happy Friday!!

$100,000 and growing…
This is story of ImpactClub Boise which continues to grow and inspire!

ImpactClub started from an idea, that led to action, that turned into a movement.

When we announced the start of the Boise club in May 2017, we had 112 people sign up in one month. Over a hundred people took action and started a movement.

18 months later using the power of storytelling and community crowd-funding, we’ve been able to give amazing organizations like WCA, Chrysalis, Create Common Good, Interfaith Sanctuary, Wyakin Foundation, and the Speedy Foundation the gift of impact. Over $100k gifted to date.

ImpactClub gives hopelife, and opportunity to organizations in our community working diligently every day to enrich, protect, support, and give a hand up to individuals and families who are currently facing immense challenges.

ImpactClub also gives these organizations a platform to share their story. They all have amazing stories. As members of Impact Club we have the pleasure of hearing and sharing these stories within our community. We provide a spark to a chain of inspiration.

ImpactClub gives the everyday, hard working individual an opportunity to be a philanthropic giant, a venture capitalist in change, a leader in positive impact for their community by taking individual donations of $100 and turning them into $20,000+ donations in a single hour, 4 times a year. Because all individual members are contributing the same amount, we then all become equally responsible for the impact we are providing the Boise community. Every single one of us. Like a tidal wave of positive change reaching all corners of our community.

ImpactClub Boise is over 200 members strong. 
One day it will be over 500 members strong.
Because of you.

You and others in our community making the choice to come together to make a collective and powerful difference.

The premise of ImpactClub is simple. To be a member you commit to donating $100 per quarter, whether you can attend the event or not.

As a member, you can nominate your favorite local non-profits to have the opportunity to speak at our events. At the events, 3 charitable organizations have 5 minutes and a microphone to share their story. To tell us the change they can make with an Impact Club donation.

At every event, one local organization goes home with our collective Impact fund and puts it to work. We then get to hear from them at our next event to see how they put those funds to work in our community, how they moved the needle.

The difference of ImpactClub Boise in being able to write a $20,000 check versus a $50,000 check starts with youand the people you share this message with.

We are a group of many individuals who can commit to a small donation of $100 and turn it into a legacy we are all proud of.

It starts with action.
Become a member.

It’s simple, go to and make the commitment.

You can cancel your membership or even skip a donation when you need to.
But if you can step up today, will you?

Let’s be a part of inspiring real change in our community together.
Join me and 200 other members who continue to drive measurable impact in Boise.

Our events happen in September, December, March, and June. The date and details of our next event will be announced soon. But whether you can attend or not, you can still be a part of this movement.

I hope to see your name on our roster.

If you have any trouble registering, reach out to me personally.

Let’s build a legacy and story of real change together.
Here is the path to take the first step:

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

Co-Founder: Impact Club Boise
Host: Idaho Speakeasy
Collaborator: Value Drive Approach
Founder: Front Street Brokers
Author: Agent Entrepreneurs
Voice: 208-340-8399