Learn to help your clients in the gaps where technology falls short

Key Takeaways

  • Technology is the biggest cause of the constant changes in our industry — but it’s not necessarily the solution to all of your clients’ questions.
  • The more technology takes over aspects of our business, the more we need to focus on areas where technology can’t solve the problems.
  • Never stop learning new skills — education is the key to improving your business and learning new ways to serve your clients.

Every year the real estate industry undergoes major changes. Technology is transforming how business is conducted and how we communicate, and has opened up access to information that was previously guarded and controlled by real estate agents.

Technology may be the biggest cause of the constant changes in our industry, but it’s not necessarily the solution.

For instance, if technology is changing how your clients shop for homes, you can learn new ways to help your clients where technology falls short. In fact, the more technology takes over different aspects of your business, the more you need to adapt and focus on areas of your business where technology can’t solve the problems.

Even if technology wasn’t such a dominant force in changing our industry, you would still find that if you make time to keep learning, your business can and will grow much faster and far beyond that of your colleagues.

When I say “keep learning” I don’t necessarily mean take more classes or attend more real estate seminars. Learning can simply be taking time to study your marketplace, examining other businesses in and outside of your industry, or reading or listening to books about how to improve your business or life.

I can personally attest to the fact that just taking some time to grow my knowledge or learn more about other great business leaders has helped me immensely throughout my career. I can attribute specific improvements in my business and in my personal life to reading a book that really spoke to me.

Taking time for the pursuit of learning is critical for all business owners. The market, the consumers, and the way goods and services are sold are in a state of change. Business owners who commit to paying attention, who can learn from others and are able to adapt the fastest, are the ones likeliest to end up on top.