Take The Leap

Is there a perfect time to…

Get married?
Have kids?
Start a diet?
Take a dream vacation?
Start a new job?
Start your business?

Conventional wisdom says there is no perfect time to take a leap in your life.

Yet it’s common for us to wait for “better timing.”

Once my kids are a bit older, I’ll do…
Once I make more money, I’ll do…
After I go back to school, I’ll do…
After the holidays, I’ll begin…

We say these things because we look at what is already on our plates and feel overwhelmed. Or we listen to the voices in our heads telling us to resist change.

Not taking a leap appears to be the comfortable and/or safer route.

Is it?

Ten years from now if we could look back on our lives, what path would we rather see?

The comfortable path – where we stayed basically the same. Maybe we slid downhill hill a little but that is to be expected because we are getting older and slower. We haven’t taken any big risks, we’ve been comfortable.


The courageous path – where we took multiple leaps in our lives, of which many didn’t work out, but some did. We did things we were proud of. Even if we failed, we can tell the story of attempting something meaningful, something adventurous, something to be proud of.

Staying comfortable doesn’t equal growth.
But personal growth can equal more comfort.

When I take my family on a trip overseas, as soon as we land on that foreign ground (no matter how difficult it was to get there) I always feel wealthy in that moment. Wealthy in life.

Even if we are on a Top Ramen diet and had to rent out our house back home to make the trip. I feel like I’m winning, that I’m doing something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

A feeling that I don’t have when staying comfortable at home watching T.V.

It’s that feeling that I’m winning that brings me greater satisfaction.

Taking a leap doesn’t have to mean traveling overseas.
It can just mean taking action to be more or do more with our limited time.

It’s one of the reasons why I love Impact Club.

I’ve always wanted to do more to make a difference in my work. 
But my work is limited to the clients and people with whom I interact.

Impact Club gives us an opportunity to really affect the future. 
And it’s easy. It doesn’t take a lot of time or commitment.

One day in the not so distant future, ImpactClub® Boise members will be able to say we provided over a million dollars to our community and inspired a generational legacy that we can all be proud of.

All it took was a handful of courageous people who took a leap.

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

Co-Founder: Impact Club Boise
Host: Idaho Speakeasy
Collaborator: Value Drive Approach
Founder: Front Street Brokers
Author: Agent Entrepreneurs
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