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Superheroes are all around us and they’re using their superpowers to accomplish great things. These are their stories….

3 local superheroes took the stage

They were told they had 5 minutes and a microphone to share a powerful story about their non-profit organization for the chance to bring home a $20,000 donation, crowd sourced from the audience (200 people x $100). It was an amazing night (see the event video) and all part of a new movement in Boise, a movement called ImpactClub®.

This is what happened…

Sep 12, 2018 – Boise Idaho – Event 6 Video – ImpactClub Boise

Jayden DeLuca Foundation

Karalie DeLuca
Fighting For A Cure
ImpactClub® Boise | 9/12/2018

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The Jayden DeLuca Foundation was established in 2008 to honor Jayden Riley DeLuca, who passed away due to a cardiac condition. It was established with the goal of helping children and their families fight cardiac diseases, while offering support and encouragement to all those affected by pediatric heart conditions. The foundation looks to promote awareness of cardiac diseases and to aid in further scientific and medical research of pediatric heart conditions.

The Speedy Foundation

Shannon Decker
Suicide Prevention
ImpactClub® Boise | 9/12/2018

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The Speedy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide, supporting mental health and promoting conversations to end the stigma surrounding both. The Foundation was formed in 2011 in the loving memory of Jeret “Speedy” Peterson, an Olympic freestyle aerials medalist whose life was characterized by his service to others. A mental health crisis is more common than most people realize. You are more likely to come across a person having a mental health crisis than a person having a heart attack. Where CPR training is common, the same is not true of responding to a mental health crisis. We believe it is crucial to prepare to help our neighbors, friends, relatives and coworkers when they need help. The Speedy Foundation supports and provides Mental Health First Aid and QPR trainings in Idaho and Utah.

Junior Achievement of Idaho

Sean Evans
Educating Our Youth

ImpactClub® Boise | 9/12/2018

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Junior Achievement of Idaho is an organization that teaches the difference between “Wants” and “Needs.” Yet to those not familiar with us, it may seem like we are a want in a world of need. The truth is we are filling a critical need…building the future. There are many important and worthwhile organizations responding to the challenges of today, but we are focused on trying to solve the problems of tomorrow. At JA of Idaho, we give young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. Our corporate and community volunteers deliver relevant, hands-on experiences that give students from kindergarten through high school knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. JA programs empower students to make a connection between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in the real world – enhancing the relevance of their classroom learning and increasing their understanding of the value of their education.


4 times a year, for 1 hour, ImpactClub® Boise members meet. We all donate $100. We invite 3 local non-profit organizations who do great work in our community. We give them an opportunity to share their story. Members vote on the best story of the evening and the winner takes home our combined donation.

Every story shared is documented so we can help every organization participating get their stories out to the community. Sharing their stories = more awareness = more impact.

The more ImpactClub® Boise members we have, the more impact we can make in our community.

I invite you to join ImpactClub@ Boise. We started it last year and we’ve already donated over $100,000 to the Boise community and we’re just getting started.
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Mike and Girls with Impact Club

Mike Turner is a co-founder of Impact Club Boise, CEO of Front Street Brokers Real Estate, host of the Idaho Speakeasy, a weekly radio show, and author of Agent Entrepreneurs. When not traveling on overseas adventures with his family, Mike lives with his wife and two daughters in Boise, Idaho.