Last week was the first class I’ve officially taught to real estate agents for CE credits and it was first time teaching the Real Estate Firefighting course.

The class was packed with a mix of veteran agents to the newly licensed. I personally thought the class went great, but of course I couldn’t help to be nervous about how the students valued the course.

I wanted everyone to get as much value as I could squeeze into the 2 hours, and I knew that is a tricky thing to do because everyone is in different stages of their career, and has different experiences and lessons they have learned in their career.

My goal was that everyone, even the veteran agents, would walk out of there with a sharper axe.

As the class wrapped up I asked the agents in attendance to please give their honest feedback of the course and my presentation so that we could we could learn where we need to make adjustments to improve the course and make it more valuable to agents.

Well… there was one overriding recommendation in the responses we got back and it wasn’t anything I was anticipating… They wanted the course to be longer.

Here is a sample of the feedback we got:

  • Great course with local scenarios. Wish was it was an hour longer.
  • Awesome! So original and fresh, with a lot of experience to back it up.  I really wish this had been a 3-hour course. Would definitely take another class from him.
  • Excellent, recommend pushing it to 3 hours.
  • Great Information. This type of class is what we need more of.
  • Good class, but needs to be a little longer.
  • Awesome class!
  • Enjoyed all the examples shared of real life situations.
  • Wish we could have had more time.

I have to tell you this feedback of wanting the class to be longer really made me feel good, because it confirmed that we are on the right track. To create real estate CE courses with information that often not taught, that is extremely valuable for real estate agents.

For everyone who attended last week’s class, I want to say “thank you.” Thank you for being willing and active participants, you made the class fun and we all got to walk out of there with a sharper axe.