Scale Your Business, Scale Your Life 
Everyone talks about “Scaling a Business.”
Why not “Scaling Life”?

What does that even look like, a Scaled Life?

I’ve been thinking about this question as I work on designing a master-mind program for small business owners.

The businesses with whom I will be working are quite experienced and do a great job with their customers. They don’t need help with “how to be a good at their job.”

Rather, they need help with balance and scale.

They all want to be more profitable, (who doesn’t?). 
My charge is to help them be more profitable and impactful.

The part I’m stewing on is helping them find ways to “scale their business AND their life.”

Which is a conversation that most people put off because they believe they first need to be “more profitable” before they can pursue more of their life goals.

For example, many owners say, “I’ll hire more ‘help’ once I reach X-Y-Z level of consistency in my business.” Or, I hear this a lot, “just a few more years of this, and then I’ll [fill in the blank].”

Of course, in both of those scenarios, business owners often never reach their imagined destinations to allow them to scale up their lives.

It becomes this riddle of, once I have X, I’ll do more of Y. Or, someday, I’ll do less of A, so I can do more of B.

I want to help owners solve these riddles so they can scale their businesses and their lives.

As I contemplate what a “Scaled Life” looks like, I imagine all kinds of things, because naturally, it’s different for everyone.

More time with family, more time for my health, more time to travel, spending less time on X, reducing the amount of time on Y, eliminating having to do Z.

Do you notice the critical theme across all these notions?

They all center around “TIME.”

A small business owner’s job is never done. There is always something the owner could be working on. It’s a constant state of doing, deciding, delegating, designing so that business keeps going.

Which is why it EATS TIME.

We’ve all heard the productivity advice, “work smarter, not harder,” and “do more in less time.”

The problem with that advice, for most of us anyway, is once we become more productive, we just add more work to our plate.

And as we manage to become more profitable, we just add more expenses to our lives and businesses.

So, the status quo stays the status quo.

For the past 9 years I’ve spent 1-3 months every year in a foreign country with my family. When people learn that I do this while maintaining my real estate business, they are fascinated.

Many assume that I must sell a TON of real estate to be able to afford such luxury. They don’t realize that for many of those years, our household income may have been a fraction of what they take home.

We found a way to take the trips because I made it my number one priority. It was my way of trying to make sure I was working just as hard to scale my life as I was my business.

I wish I had all the answers about how people can scale their lives, but I’m still very much the student. A student who has daily struggles, setbacks, and failures.

But every day I see ways to help owners scale their efforts at work and at home. I see them having the same struggles, setbacks, and failures I’ve had, and I want to do something about it.

I want to help, if they want help.

I’m forming a unique kind of master-mind group. One that is equally focused on growth and giving. Business owners can only be a member if they agree to chip in every month to a group donation to local charities who are doing great work in our community.

We’ll leverage our strength in numbers to be able to give back on MUCH higher levels to the community. We’ll also leverage our collective knowledge to grow our businesses.

I’m fired up about the possibilities of this group. To help each other be more prosperous at work, home, and in life.

I’ll be sharing more details soon, but if I piqued your curiosity and you want to chat more about it, reach out to me.

What does a “scaled life” look like? 
It’s a question worth asking.

Happy Friday!

Mike Turner