Real Change, Real Impact

There are many parents in this community who have beautiful and wonderful children with disabilities.

We all know parents in this situation. They are amazing.

Parenting takes on a whole new level of responsibility and many of these parents are so consumed with caring for their family that they often don’t know where they can turn to for help with finding education opportunities, safe recreational activities, and support systems.

Enter Idaho Parents Unlimited. They are a statewide non-profit organization with a mission to be a place for these parents to turn to for guidance and support.

Most of the staff at Idaho Parents Unlimited have children with disabilities, so they are compassionate and understanding to other parents’ situation.

I interviewed their director, Angela Lindig, to learn more about this great local organization. She is amazing. It was a fascinating and moving conversation. Go here to listen in.

Idaho Parents Unlimited was recently nominated by a member of ImpactClub® Boise to speak at our next event.

If you’re not familiar with ImpactClub® Boise, it is a group of people committed to helping our community by leveraging their strength in numbers. ImpactClub members gather 4 times a year, and all throw in $100 into a collective pool to make one large donation each quarter to a local non-profit organization.

Currently, ImpactClub® Boise has close to 200 members. Which means at our next event, we’ll be able to donate $20,000 to an organization doing amazing work in our community.

Members don’t have to attend the events, but the events are always fun and exciting. There are free drinks, live music, and fun venues. Here are videos from the first few events: Event1Event2Event3Event4.

ImpactClub® Boise is currently looking for more members. We have a goal to get 250 members by this summer. That would mean we could donate $25,000 at each event (250 x $100).

I’m a member of ImpactClub® Boise and I’m reaching out to see if you will join us.
Become a founding member yourself.

It’s a financial commitment. $100, 4 times a year. That is real money. But what we are accomplishing with these donations is Real Impact. We are making a difference

You can see that Impact in action by watching these short videos from past winners of our quarterly donations: WCA BoiseCreate Common Good.

Will you join us? Can we count on you?

To become a member, just sign up here:

We’ll send you a welcome packet and T-Shirt. As a member you can nominate your favorite local charity. Your nomination could mean the difference of them taking home a $20,000 donation this year.

Next event is June 6See details here.

Take action. Join us.

Real impact happens we step up together.

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Until next time, have an awesome day.

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