One in a Million

I received an urgent email from an agent in my office requesting assistance with her listing. She had not received any showings yet, and her clients, rightly so, were very nervous.

My first thought when I reviewed her listing was, wow, this home is one in a million.

The home is river front, the lot is over an acre, they have unobstructed views of the river and the mountains, plus a huge double RV shop, and great outdoor living spaces. This place is really cool.

However, I could also see why she was having difficulty.

The home is in Wilder, Idaho, which is only 30 minutes away, but definitely off the beaten path from where most buyers look.

After analyzing her listing and marketing, it was clear what we needed to do first.

We needed to make sure that when buyers were surfing through hundreds of homes online, they instantly saw that this home was special. One in a million.

The agent had ordered professional photography on the home. The photos were pretty nice, but they failed to deliver the instant “holy cow effect” we were looking for.

Here are the first few original shots on the listing (which, again, were all taken by a professional).

Professional Photos

As you can see these photos aren’t bad.
But they fail to tell a story.

So, I guided her through the process of making sure the listing photos told a story, and did so quickly.

Now the first photos of the listing look like this:

Edited photos

Now homebuyers can quickly see this home is one in a million.

This is why I spend many, many hours on tweaking the listing photos. These hours invested have a huge impact on clients, and it’s a foundational piece to our Listing Triangle® method and our Value Driven Approach.

Without this step, this home would likely sit on the market for months longer, ultimately selling for tens of thousands less than it should. Maybe never sell at all.

Unfortunately, this is what I see every day in my business. You probably see it too if you ever look at homes online.

My team and I have spent years trying to figure out new ways to maximize our clients’ profits when they sell. Our marketing techniques are a big piece to that puzzle, but that isn’t our only strength.

We also offer our clients a unique fee structure that saves them up to 50% in Realtor fees while still receiving our premium listing service.

To learn more about my team’s listing service, reach out to me anytime. Let’s help you tell the story of your home, and showcase to homebuyers why it’s one in a million.

Until next time, have an awesome day.

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

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