Never Break The Chain

This past week I’ve been waking up an hour earlier each day to take on a challenge. I’ve had this goal to write every day for some time. But I’ve only just committed to it fully.

I read two stories recently that helped me get started.

One was about Jerry Seinfeld. He once told an aspiring young comic that the way to be a better comedian was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.

Seinfeld backs up that advice. He has a method he follows religiously of hanging a large full year calendar up on his wall each January. Each day that he writes new material, he draws a big red X on that day.

When he first started this practice, he found he got great pleasure in seeing those red X’s on the wall. Even more so when those X’s became a long chain. And it soon became a game to never break the chain.

I was also inspired by a story about Jack Lalanne, known as the “Godfather of Fitness.” Jack used to say it’s okay to take a day off from working out. But on that day, you’re not allowed to eat.

That’s another way of saying you’re not really allowed to get unfocused. The goal is to not take a day off from your purpose.

But that is easier said than done.

I’m just over a week in to my commitment to write every day and it’s already testing my resolve.

The reason I’ve committed to write every day is I’ve seen the impact storytelling can have.

Like when an ex-drug addict used her story to win the hearts and minds of a room full of people in less than 5 minutes with Impact Club. [See the video here]

With great storytelling, you can create lasting and meaningful impact to your community, your friends, and your family. And that is precisely what I hope to do.

Create meaningful impact.

Each day that I write is another opportunity to meaningfully impact a friend, a family member, or my community.

Have you committed to something this year?

How is it going? I’d love to hear about it.

Maybe we can help each other to never break the chain. (We can come up with another phrase if you are not a Fleetwood Mac fan.)

– Mike

PS – I just put another big red X on my calendar. That part does feel good. #neverbreakthechain #impactoftheday #bestdayever

PPS – I’ll be live on the radio today at 3pm to interview Ron Kern, founder of LIMBitless® which helps connect wounded veterans to adaptive communities worldwide. Oorah! Tune in on 89.9fm or 93.5fm, or stream it live on