This past Monday we had our 7th ImpactClub Boise Event.
It was a huge success.

We gave a little-known local nonprofit called Wilderness Science Education over $22,000 in one hour!

You should have seen them once they realized they won our collective donation. 
They were literally freaking out with excitement.

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This was possible because 220 Boise Members stepped up and donated $100 each.
[220 x $100 = $22,000 = HUGE IMPACT]

Over the past 7 events our collective giving has totaled over $125,000!

When I got home from the last event, I discovered I’d hurt myself from chewing on my lip throughout the day. An unconscious habit I have when I feel high levels of anxiety.

This event was at a new venue. 
Which meant new challenges and new “unknowns.”

We had some unexpected audio issues right before the event started (a grounded speaker wire) which sent my blood pressure to extreme levels as we quickly troubleshooted solutions.

We solved it just in time.

I’m used to solving problems. I troubleshoot and help solve or prevent problems everyday with my work. It’s like the main thing I do, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t experience anxiety when I’m doing it.

Especially when you have a room full of 200 people counting on you, so my poor lip took a beating from all nerves.

However, once we hand over a giant check to a local non-profit, the anxiety quickly melts away, and something else washes over me.

Joy. Happiness. And something else…

I got to speak to the crew of Wilderness Science Education after the event (they stayed and helped us clean up and put back all the tables and chairs, which was super cool of them).

I could tell they were feeling the same thing I was. 
An overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Not just for money, which they know will help so many kids in our community, but beyond that, the work that they were putting their hearts and souls into was validated by their peers and strangers.

Having your work validated and appreciated by peers and strangers is the ultimate feeling of fulfillment.

It stokes the fire within.
It wipes away all the uncertainty about the life your leading.

So this a message of gratitude.

Thank you to the many, many, people who help make ImpactClub possible.
This is just the beginning and I’m so excited to go on this journey with you all.

Thank You!

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Have an awesome day!

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

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