Groundhog Day

Good Morning Friends, Happy Groundhog Day!

What does that even mean?

On the surface it’s a silly holiday to acknowledge the grind of winter.

But when I woke this morning and realized it was Groundhog Day, it got me thinking of a few friends I ran into last night at a social function.

In the few minutes we had to catch up, they spoke of their grind.

Whatever they were pursuing; making a film documentary, publishing a book, getting that new promotion, raising teenagers, they all spoke of their grind.

Just like with winter. The grind gets old.

We grow tired of how hard it is.

It always lasts longer than we initially anticipate.

But the other side of Groundhog Day is the hope for spring.

Knowing that better times are coming soon.

Which is why when we hear our friends struggle through their grind, we naturally encourage them to hang on.

To remind them their spring will eventually come.

Just like yours will.

Hang on.

Keep grinding.

Spring is coming.

Happy Groundhog Day.