Yep, it’s a big number.
But I figure, go big or not at all.

I’ve been hinting in my emails recently that big changes are in the works. Today, I get to share with you what those changes are.

Many of you know that I’m the founder and owner of Front Street Brokers, a real estate firm that, with the help of some amazing team members, has become one of the most recognized and respected names in real estate in the Boise area.

I love what we’ve built, what we stand for, and the people who make it all possible.

I’ve leaned heavily on my staff and agents at Front Street Brokers to launch and run IMPACTCLUB BOISE.

With their help, we’ve rallied our combined contacts, industry colleagues, and our clients to grow IMPACTCLUB BOISE into an amazing force of good in our community. Those efforts have raised over $150,000 for Boise area non-profits.

I’m over the moon with pride for what we’ve accomplished so far, which is fueling my motivation to double, triple, and quadruple down on my IMPACT EFFORTS.

To that end, we’ve made the decision to merge Front Street Brokers with another real estate firm following the same path.

Front Street Brokers is merging with Amherst Madison.

[See The Press Release]

The great work we’ve accomplished at Front Street Brokers can be amplified by joining our leadership with Amherst Madison. Through our combined philanthropic efforts, we can give back to our community on a new level, fostering positive impact and change.

Through a number of initiatives like IMPACTCLUBA Giving Circle, and others, we aim to help raise over 1 million dollars for our community in the next 3 years.

This lofty goal has us fired up and focused.

On my Facebook page, I’ve listed my profession/title for the last year as “Impact Entrepreneur.” This has been my way of declaring to myself and to the world what my primary purpose is. This purpose influences the decisions I make in business, at home, and in life.

It may sound cheesy, or even cliché, but I’m driven to “do more and be more.” My wife would be the first one to tell you how “driven” I can be. Sometimes to extremes.

For the next few decades of my life, I want to focus on “being more impactful” in my community, with those I mentor, and at home.

We all have gifts for this world. I’ve been learning that I have a lot more to give than I thought was possible or even realistic.

A major part of my decision to merge my real estate firm with Amherst Madison was to free up some bandwidth and allow me to focus on being more impactful.

I’m starting a new philanthropic initiative that uses the collective power of giving (like ImpactClub), but is focused on businesses who believe in giving back to the community they care about. We help businesses be more profitable, so they have the ability to be more impactful.

It’s crystal clear to me from meeting so many people through ImpactClub that most of us want to be impactful in our communities, at work, and at home.

So I’m focusing my efforts on creating opportunities and platforms for people and businesses to leverage, with the goal of higher levels of impact.

I’m so thankful for everything that has led up to this point where I can focus my attention on this awesome mission.

Thank you all. 
For reading my extra-long emails, for being a fan, for believing in what is possible.

All the best to you and yours,

Mike Turner