Friday FAQs

Good Morning!

It’s Friday, yeah! And every Friday I list some of the questions I got through the week.

If you have questions, send them my way. I do my best to answer each one. It doesn’t have to be related to real estate or finance. I’m happy to share my thoughts about all kinds of things like marketing, business, economy, philanthropy, parenting, travel, work/life balance.

I can’t say I’ll have the answer you are looking for, and sometimes I just direct you to someone who can answer the question better than me. But don’t be shy. Fire away!

Here are a few recent ones…

From Ken:

When should we list our home? Is it better to wait until May or June when there are more buyers?

The best time to list your home is when you are ready to sell and your home is ready to sell. Right now, in the Boise market, there is a shortage of inventory of homes. Low supply is great for homeowners. It doesn’t serve you better to wait until May or June unless you are not ready to sell just yet.

When I get this question from a client, we always answer it on a case by case situation. Looking at your personal circumstances, plus a timeline you need to get your home ready, and market conditions surrounding your home.

From Christine:

I see you do mortgages, we are considering refinancing to get cash out for our daughter’s college next year. Can you help us with that?

Yes, to tap into your home’s equity, you can do a cash out refinance. Depending on your current interest rate that may be a good option for you. However, if you have a really low interest rate right now, it may be best to keep that as rates have risen a bit in the last few months. You might consider doing a home equity line of credit.

From Mike:

I would love to come on your radio show to talk about our company, is that possible?

It is possible. We do weekly interviews of local entrepreneurs, charitable founders, community leaders, artists, and business owners. We are often booked out a couple of months, but anyone who has an interest or a recommendation of someone we should interview can reach out to us. I cannot make any guarantees, but definitely reach out and we’ll see what we can do.

From Ellen:

My daughter is considering getting her real estate license. Would you be willing to meet with her? She has a lot of questions and ideas and I thought you would be a great person for her to meet.

Yes, of course. I’m always happy to meet with someone interested in a career in Real Estate. There is a lot of bad advice in our industry so anytime I can help point someone in the right direction, I try to make time for it.

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Keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.
Until next time, Happy Friday!

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