Free Beer

Yes, free beer, and wine, for everyone!

This is just one of the perks of being a member of IMPACT CLUB BOISE.

Our club meets 4 times a year to deliver some serious impact to our community, we also like to have fun while we’re doing it. Hence the free beer and wine.

In all seriousness, the free drinks are really just a way to do something nice for members who have committed to joining the club.

To be an ImpactClub® member, you pledge $100, 4 times a year to a local charitable organization.

Our club then pools the money collected from members so we can all participate in delivering a HUGE DONATION to a deserving local non-profit.

Right now we have about 200 members. 200 members X $100 = $20,000. That amount of money is a game changer for these organizations.

That is the goal with ImpactClub®. To be a game changer, to make and be a part of measurable impact in our community. To lead by example. To inspire others. To leave a legacy that others will want to follow.

$100 a quarter is a commitment. But look at what we’re doing with it. We are truly making a difference in our community by banding together.

There is no time commitment to be a member. You can come to our quarterly events or skip them, it’s up to. The point is, we can only increase our impact if people like you join us too.

There are a million ways to give back to your community. But most people don’t because they don’t think their small donations will move the needle.

This is where Impact Club changes the rules of philanthropy. As individuals, we don’t have the resources to donate tens of thousands of dollars to great causes throughout the year.

However, with Impact Club, we all donate the same amount of money, and therefore we all become equally responsible for the tens of thousands we are able to donate.

We are on track to donate close to $100,000 over the next 12 months. How amazing is that? Something we could never do on our own.

But it takes people like you to join us.

Anyone can be a member. We even have some kids that are using their allowance and birthday money to be members. How cool is that?

Signing up is easy. Just go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click join.

If you have questions about Impact Club, reach out to me or to any other member.

Our next event is tomorrowWednesday, June 6th, at the Knitting Factory in downtown Boise, 6:30-7:30pm, doors open at 5:30pm (come early if you want to get dinner, full menu available). There will be live music before and after the event, and of course, free beer.

Even if you can’t come tomorrow, please consider becoming a member now. This is our community. Let’s make an impact together.


1. You can come as a guest to check it out, (you can bring friends too).
2. You can also sign up at the live event.
3. You can sign up now at

Thank you!!

You’re awesome.

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

Co-Founder: Impact Club Boise
Host: Idaho Speakeasy
Collaborator: Value Drive Approach
Founder: Front Street Brokers
Author: Agent Entrepreneurs
Voice: 208-340-8399