Having owned multiple businesses, and through mentoring dozens of other business owners, I’m all too familiar with entrepreneurial poverty. I’ve found that just about every business owner (nearly 100% of them) experiences entrepreneurial poverty.

It happens way more often than we like to admit. 
Especially with real estate agents.

Entrepreneurs, by nature, are optimists.

That is how and why they are able to start businesses out of thin air.

They take a leap of faith, not knowing if they’ll make any money, but believing they can do it.

Think about it. 
One day you got your real estate license, started a business, and made a living.

It’s pretty cool how you did that.

However, when operating a business, you hope that you have enough sales (income), to pay for all the bills (expenses), because what is left over is intended to be your income (profit).

But all too often, entrepreneurs run out of profit.

Hence, entrepreneurial poverty.

It’s why more than 75% of agents don’t make it more than 5 years, and why even established long time successful agents eventually leave the business.

They get sick of the Poverty-Prosperity roller coaster.

Last week I wrote about my commitment to build Profitable Impact Businesses.

This is where I want to spend the next few decades of my life.

Helping agents and brokers build a Profitable Impact Business to end their entrepreneurial poverty so they can further positively impact their communities and build legacies.

To accomplish this mission, I’ve been working with a great team to develop a process for real estate agents and brokers to dramatically increase their repeat and referral customers(which leads to much higher levels of profitability).

We also aim to help agents re-engineer their business operations so that their businesses are profitable every month, (something that is almost never addressed or focused on in Agent training and mentoring).

The foundation of our method is based on helping a business be more profitable + more impactful with their lives.

Winning more at business, so you can win more in life.

The game of life never stops.

We may ignore it, but life keeps playing on.

Ask yourself this question:
If I could get my business significantly more Profitable, what would I do differently? What would I do more of?

Notice I didn’t ask “what would you buy?”

Nobody seems to have a problem with spending more if they make more.

I’m talking about your life.

What would you want to focus on if your business was consistently profitable, without you running it 24/7 to keep it going?

I hope you have an answer.

The cool thing that I’ve discovered is that most people want to better themselves, better their relationships, or better the situation for those around them in some form or fashion.

In other words, they crave to be more impactful. 
Which is fricking awesome.

But the stress of paying bills and keeping up with the craziness of their current situations holds them back from making the impact they ultimately seek.

With the right guidance and mentorship, I believe they could quickly double, triple, and quadruple down on the impact they are able to produce in their lives.


I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t done it, and seen dozens more do the same, once they got the right kind of guidance and mentorship.

Knowing and seeing this play out enough times, I’ve decided to double, triple, and quadruple down on helping others be more profitable and more impactful.

I’m working with a great team to build a mentorship program that helps agents be consistently more profitable and more impactful in their game of life.

We are getting close to announcing more details, but I wanted to plant a seed so you have time to think about what you would like to do more of, or less of.

Because you’re going to soon be offered help and guidance to achieve your life and business goals.

Sure, you can achieve these goals without any help from others.

But how much longer will that take?
Is there a chance you will stay on the same gameboard you’ve been playing on?

I’ve had the most significant growth and positive change in my life when I had a mentor guiding me around the tripwires of life. This led to completely changing the game.

We have one shot at this game of life.

Do you want to win? Win big? 
I do. I’m sure you want that too.

Let’s both decide to strengthen our resolve to do that.
Let’s aim to win big at the game of life.

For today let’s pick one small thing we can do that gives us a win in the game.

One small thing. Don’t overthink it.

It could be something to better your health or mind, or doing something meaningful for a person in your life, or simply just helping someone you encounter today in some small way.

Think of it as moving your game piece one small square on a mile-long gameboard.

Just take one step in the right direction.

Coming Soon: More details about our mentorship program for helping agents end their entrepreneurial poverty cycles and win big in life.

Until then… Let’s get that small win for today.

Mike Turner