I’m a DORK

I’m a dork.  That’s how I feel when I see video footage of myself, like I did earlier this morning.

I’ve been teaching myself how to use a green screen in videos because I can see many applications in my work and I like learning new tricks and skills.

It’s fun for me.  At least, until I watch the footage.

Then I just cringe.

Does this ever happen to you?

Have you ever heard a recording of your voice and thought…

Is that what I really sound like?”

Recording videos is even worse, because I can hear and see myself. I’m just not as good or polished as I’d like to be.

I can’t help to laugh at myself because I really am a dork.

Maybe that’s how I keep myself from getting discouraged and giving up. I accept my dorkiness.

Sure, my ego gets bruised. Hence the cringing.

But I have a saying that I tell my daughters when I hear them say “I can’t” or “I’m not good at this.”

Me: “How do we get good at something?”

Daughters: [Insert eye roll and audible grunt] or “Dad…this is different.”

Me: “Come on, how do we get good at something?”

Daughters: “By practicing.” [Insert 2nd eye roll]

Me: “Correct, and how do we become great at something?”

Daughters: “By practicing more than others.”

Sometimes this helps them refocus. Sometimes not, but regardless it is a lesson I hope we both can remember.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, is famous for his 10,000-hour principle. He contends that all that is needed to become world-class in any field is 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice.”

That’s a lot of practice.

And it’s a good reminder for when we feel like a dork, or frustrated with our progress.

We can only improve if we practice.

It’s ok to suck.

We’re just getting started.

What are you going to practice today?