CRUSH IT – Don’t muck this up.

“Crush It” 
Work Life vs Home Life

I first learned about Gary Vaynerchuk not long before he published his first book called “Crush it.”

Since then, I’ve been a fan and have watched him grow a media empire from scratch. He is an amazing speaker. He captivates audiences all over the world with Keynote talks. He has a daily vlog and pours out fantastic advice for entrepreneurs.

He is a stud. No doubt about it. He shows up. He crushes it.

As a world-class marketer, there is a lot you can learn from him. And I have.

Gary V. certainly motivates and inspires me, and we share many core principles with our life, such as:

Doing the right thing is always the right thing. 
Give, before you take.
Show up.
Legacy driven.
Lead by example.
Ask better questions.
Expect failures.
Be more, do more.

But as much as admire the man and what he has accomplished with his life. 
I don’t aspire that life. I don’t want to walk in his footsteps.

I don’t know much anything about Gary V’s personal life. He seems to be, at least from where I sit, to be a total workhorse, working 18 hrs a day, like a focused machine.

I lived that life for before. But once I had kids, I saw the negative impacts that it was having on my home life. Which is deeply important to me.

All too often I see driven people show up for their careers, but not show up for their family.

Maybe it works for their family. 
Maybe it works for Gary V.

I just know it doesn’t work for my household.

The last thing I want is to be so focused on work and growth that I miss the good stuff with my kids and making time for my wife and friends.

Gary, often talks about living a purposeful life to avoid regret.

It’s powerful advice. And I know myself well enough that if I screw up this time with my kids because I’m too busy working, I will regret it.

I have no idea how Gary V, shows up for his family. He could be crushing that as well. 

But as for myself, I know I can get lost in my work. 
So much so, that I set alarms to make sure I stop, so I show up for my family, just like I show up for work.

It’s a choice; what we show up for.
We can’t show up for everything.

So we better know what our priorities are so we don’t muck it up.

Here’s to showing up and not mucking it up!


Mike T.

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