I rolled up to Starbucks this morning.
It was 5:12am. Time to start what I call my morning shift.

Just me, my journal, my laptop, and my headphones to block out distractions.
As I walked up to the door, it was clear something was wrong.

The lights weren’t on. Doors locked. Not open.
I check my watch. I’m not too early.
Did the staff oversleep?
No. I see their cars parked in the usual spot.

That’s when I saw someone coming towards me. It was one of the baristas I often saw in the morning. She apologized and told me they were locked out and waiting for a locksmith to show up.

No big deal. I get it. Shit happens.
You have a plan for your day, and then circumstances happen. Your plan is disrupted.

I went back to my car, slid back the seat all the way to make room for my laptop, and I got to my scheduled work.
I’m pretty damn consistent with not missing my morning shift. It’s extremely rare for me to miss this shift. No matter the circumstances and disruptions.

It’s not easy. Sometimes it takes all the will I can muster to get myself out of bed and into my car.

It might seem like I have great discipline. I would argue that’s not it.
I’m human. And if I hated my morning shift, I would likely find and create excuses to skip it.

The secret to my perceived discipline is that I found a way to love my morning shift.
I crave the feeling I get from it.

My morning shift is primarily reserved for learning, writing, creating, building.

And after 2 to 3 hours at my morning shift, I often feel like I’ve already crushed my day.
I did something meaningful, I got better at something, I shared a lesson, I inched closer to a goal.

When I miss my morning shift or screw it up by doing something other than learning, writing, or building, I’m left feeling a bit uninspired and unproductive.

Too many days feeling uninspired and idle eats at my soul.
Like I’m not following the path I’m meant to or could be following.

There is great magic when you can find a way to love hard challenges in your life.
My morning shift is hard to get to, but sad to miss, because I found a way to crave it.

Do you crave chocolate? How about pasta? Cheeseburgers? Beer?
Whatever you crave, make a note of that feeling.

Now think about something you find challenging in your life, that you struggle to do consistently. It could be a bad habit you are trying to break, or a new habit you are trying to master.

There are likely ways to alter that task or habit to get higher levels of enjoyment and fulfillment from it. To crave it.
This can help you change things in your life that you previously may have thought you were not capable of doing.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about something I know I need to do more of but rarely do.
For me, that is stretching. I sit for a ridiculous number of hours a day. It takes a toll on me.

I exercise a decent amount, but I’ve learned that stretching makes me feel better and experience less pain in my life.
Yet… I allow weeks to go by without doing any significant stretching.

I feel undisciplined. Lazy.

But the real problem is that I don’t love it. I don’t crave time stretching. At least not the way I’m currently doing it.

So I am going to dedicate time this week thinking about this riddle.
And experimenting with different ideas to see if I can turn this chore into a treat.

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with.

Until then, what task or challenge in your life do you want to do more of but are struggling with?
Consider sharing it. Others may have found a way to help you solve that riddle, by making that task more fulfilling or enjoyable.


P.S. If you’re struggling to figure out some riddles in your life or business, reach out to me. I may be able to help, and I love solving riddles.

Mike Turner