Can I count on you?

The above photos were from our past ImpactClub® Boise events. The sheer emotion from the winning non-profits is amazing.

The amount of Impact we’re handing over to these charities is HUGE. Do you realize how much effort it takes for a charity to raise $20,000? MONTHS! MONTHS!

And if they are trying to get a grant for those funds, they have to fill out endless paperwork, submit a proposal, and wait… wait… and they might not get the grant.

ImpactClub® is different.

ImpactClub® was set-up as a platform to help generous, caring individuals in the community, who don’t have tens of thousands of dollars, donate locally to make an impact. They combine (crowdfund, if you will) their $100 each quarter with other generous, caring philanthropists in the community to have a massive impact!

ImpactClub® for individuals is a great way for those who want to give but don’t think their money will go very far.

Then let’s talk about the impact for the local charities.

ImpactClub® provides quite a few benefits for these local charities.

First, it provides them a platform to get in front of 100, 200, 300 local individuals who are already committed to giving back. Having the chance to stand in front of those local philanthropists for 5 minutes and share their story and connect with those in attendance is HUGE!

Then we bring in professional videographers to each of our ImpactClub® events to capture the evening and to specifically capture each presenter’s/charity’s story.

A couple of weeks after the event, each of the 3 presenting charities receives a link to their story to use/share however they want! This is powerful because when talking to others about potentially donating, they can send them the link to their ‘Story.’

However, the most impactful aspect of ImpactClub® is that one of the 3 presenting charities takes home a huge collective donation from the audience.

Right now we have just over 200 members, so that means they’ll receive over $20,000 from giving a 5-minute talk.

No strings attached.

They don’t have to fill out a stack of paperwork for a grant.
They don’t have to plan months/years to get that huge donation.
They write a 250-word ‘about the charity’ paragraph that we use on the ballots and they prepare a 5-minute story. That’s it.

The emotion after ‘winning’ over $20,000 for the organization into which they have been pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into is palpable. You can feel it in the room. It’s awesome.

Each and every ImpactClub® member’s $100 donation goes DIRECTLY to the charity. No overhead fees. No admin fees.

Will you join us?

The more members we have, the greater the Impact. If we grow to 300 members, we can hand over $30,000 in one hour and $120,000 per year directly to our community.

But it takes leaders.

Leaders like you to take a leap. To make a commitment for your community.
Take action. If you lead by example, others will follow.

Can you imagine the amount of impact we are going to be able to deliver to our community in the next few years?

We want you to be a part of that.

Don’t watch from the sidelines.
Come lead with us.

Anyone can join ImpactClub Boise. 
It doesn’t matter where you work, what you do, or how you learned about Impact Club. There is no secret agenda other than obvious one. To create real and measurable impact in our communities.

It’s working. But it will be so much more once you and others join us.

Plus, ImpactClub Boise is fun. Just ask any of the other members. We found a way to do amazing things for a community, and have a blast while doing it.

What else can I say?

Can we count on you?

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