Business Owner Consulting

Looking for someone to brainstorm ideas with?  Is your business struggling or has it plateaued?  How about your life outside of business? Is it nonexistent or struggling?  Being a business owner/entrepreneur is extra challenging when you don’t have anyone to discuss your challenging decisions, problems and opportunities with. 

As a Business Owner, do you deal with any of these riddles: Hiring, expanding, retracting, moving, firing, promoting, delegating, creating systems, developing new products or services, or just trying to figure out how to have a life outside of your business? 

Do you have someone to talk with to help you solve these riddles? You typically can’t discuss these things with your employees, your friends don’t get it, and your spouse may be supportive but also may be burned out from hearing you ramble on about it all the time.   

Seeking outside help, expertise, and advice shouldn’t have to cost you a huge investment either, after all we are typically trying to lower our overhead expenses. Plus, the advice you get should come from someone who has lived through and solved many of the same riddles you are trying to solve. And not come from someone who took a few courses and now calls themselves a coach. 

Which is why I started offering “Owner Consulting” to business owners.  

Owner Consulting is just how it sounds, yet centered around these 3 pillars. 

Life, Livelihood, and Legacy. 

Winning in all 3 of these pillars means winning at the game of life.  

If your business is making great money, growing well, but you have no life, and relationships are suffering, then the wins you have at work may feel empty and unfulfilling in the end if you don’t solve this riddle.

If the relationships in your life are pretty solid, but your income is unpredictable to the point it’s causing severe stress in your life and to your health, then it’s time to examine what is holding you back from higher levels of income predictability.  

Maybe you are doing great at work and at home, but… you feel unfulfilled, or like you were destined for something more?  I can help you with that. 

It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past, or where you are now. 
What matters is where you go from here.  That is what you can control.  

The stakes are high. Time is not infinite.  Life is shorter than we think. 
We are all playing the game of life. I’m playing to win.  How about you?
Let’s strategize together.  

Schedule a call with me. 
In 15 minutes you can see if we are a good fit.

It’s ok, I don’t bite.