Looking for someone to brainstorm ideas with?  Is your business struggling or has it plateaued?  Is your business marketing outdated our non-existent?  Being a business owner / entrepreneur who is often most difficult when you don’t have anyone to talk about difficult decision that need to be make all the time.  From hiring, expanding, retracting, moving, firing, promoting, delegating, creating systems, developing new product or services.  You want to talk it over with others but too you can’t discuss these things with your employees, your friends don’t get it because they are not business owners and your spouse may be supportive but also may be burned out from hearing your ramble on about it all the time.   To seek outside help shouldn’t have to cost you a large investment. I know this and understand your situation because I’m living it everyday, just like you.

Whether you seek to grow, change or start a business, we can be your ally.  Maybe want you really want is a better quality of life?  That became very important to me when I got fully consumed by my businesses for many years, and I’m happy share how I managed to re-engineer my business so I could travel with my family for 2-4months a year.

Interested?  The first step is schedule a brief meeting to chat about your situation.  This will help me determine if we are the right fit to assist, and if so in what capacity.  There is no cost for this initial meeting.  After, if we believe we are a good fit, we will present a consulting proposal to you.  From this proposal you can decide if you would like to further engage our services or not.  That’s it. It’s easy and fast.

Again, as a fellow business owner, I understand a lot of the stresses and the pressures you are going through.  Because this is not my only business, I’m not looking or needing to make a significant income from this service. Which means we charge a fraction of why consultants typically charge. Not because we don’t enjoy making money, we do, it’s just that we don’t need make working with you a homerun for us.  Rather our goal is share our wealth of experiences with others, we only charge for this service so we can justify the allocate time to helping you.

Why wait. Just reach out, see if we are fit.  One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned in business is waiting too long to reach out for help or guidance.  This costs you nothing to explore.  Just fill out this quick form below and we’ll follow up with you.

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