A place called “Born to Succeed”

Yesterday, I wrote about my daughter Emilia.

Thank you all who wrote back with kind words of encouragement for her.

I even got an email from parent of another student at Emilia’s school. She wanted to let me know how much her family enjoys getting Emilia’s newspaper each week and how her kids refer to it all the time.

I told Emilia this while we were eating dinner last night. She brightened immediately upon the news.

I also got a very supportive message directed to Emilia from Vincent Muli Wa Kituku and his wife Theresia Muli.

They said, “Please let her know Theresia and I are her greatest fans.”

Vincent and Theresia are originally from Kenya. They moved to the United States over 30 years ago. They are an amazing couple.

Vincent is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and author, and I had the opportunity to interview Vincent as part of my Idaho Speakeasy radio show last year. Vincent shared many fascinating and entertaining stories; it’s definitely worth checking out.

Vincent got to spend some time with Emilia on that same day, because Emilia at the time was experimenting with her own podcast, and she jumped at the chance to interview Vincent as well. You can hear the interview at: (it’s super cute).

Theresia, has known both my daughters since they were infants, because Theresia is the owner and director of Born to Succeed Early Care and Education Center based in Boise.

Born to SucceedI remember when my wife Amanda was looking for child care for Emilia so she could get back to working full time. I believe she went to over a dozen places looking for “the right place.” She eventually found such a place when she met Theresia and toured Born to Succeed.

Our experience with Born to Succeed far exceeded our expectations. And that is not an easy thing to do for two worried parents.

I believe what made the biggest impression on us was how much ALL of the staff really cared about our kids. You could tell.

It’s the same quality that I look for in my own staff. I want them to really care about our customers. Not because it’s their job, because it’s part of their DNA. They can’t help it.

I believe that is the path to exceeding expectations. It happens organically because they care. It’s not part of a check list of procedures they need to follow.

I used to be scared to hand over clients to team members to assist with important tasks, just like I was initially scared to drop off my kids at a child care center. Those fears evaporated once I had a team that cared for our clients just as much as I did.

“I can often teach someone who cares to be capable, but I haven’t been able to teach someone who is capable to care.”

Emilia and I wanted to say thank you to Vincent and Theresia, to the fellow parent who reached out, and to all of you who took the time to show that you care.

You made our day.

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