It started out as a joke.

Me: “Ok girls, have a great day at school.”

Daughters: “Ok Dad, bye.

Me: “Hashtag, Best Day Ever!”

Daughters: “Dad, you’re silly.

I thought it was a funny send off for my girls as they went to school.

Turns out, it’s much more than that.

Since I got in the habit of saying it at home, I found myself saying it to myself before walking into my office. Again, more as a joke than anything else.

But what is funny is how it impacts my overall mood at the office. Even when I come home at the end of a long day, and I’m feeling tired, just blurting out the words #BestDayEver to myself before I see my family seems to make me smile, livens me up and improves my interactions with them.

I think it also forces me to be more aware and appreciative of what I do have.

Saying “Best Day Ever,” of course, doesn’t make it automatically true.

Think of it more as a feeling than as a result.

Sometimes now when I get the question, “how was your day?” or, “how is it going?” I’ll fire back with the response of “Best Day Ever!” Which always makes people smile.

I know it’s silly. Maybe a bit obnoxious at times (just ask my girls)

But screw it.

It works for me. Even on tough days.

Go on. Give it try.

Say it out loud. It’s corny, but try it anyway.

It’s no magical solution, but as adults, we are too often braced for disappointment. So let’s try the opposite.

Give yourself permission to have the “best day ever.”

Happiness is a choice you make and a skill you develop. Naval Ravikant

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