be more. do more.

I love to watch clips from the Olympics. There is so much raw emotion.

Most are not professional athletes with million dollar contracts.

They are dreamers and doers.

They’ve have dedicated and sacrificed years of their lives to able to compete in the Olympics.

At some point in their lives they were inspired and made a commitment to themselves.

To be more. To do more.

Inspiration like Superpower

When you think about it, inspiration is kind of like a superpower.

History has proven that an inspired person, team, and even an inspired community can do and accomplish astonishing things.

It’s one of the reasons I consume a lot of books, articles, and videos from people I admire. I’m hoping to learn something valuable, but more importantly I hope to be inspired.

3 years ago, I met someone who inspired me. His name is Ryan Fletcher.

He is a marketing/copywriting guy, but it wasn’t what he “did” that led me to connect with him. After all, there are hundreds of places and people to learn marketing from.

And while I thought initially I was searching for someone to learn marketing from, I realized what I was really searching for was a person that understood the way I wanted to do business, and could help me get there.

Fletcher didn’t push advertising click bait, or how to generate leads. What captivated me was how he marketed his business, the fact he talked about his life, as a parent and as a friend, in plain English.

No hype.

And more than anything. He just told stories as they related to his beliefs and convictions. He showed me that through authentic storytelling, one can inspire others “to be more” and “to do more.”

Three/four years later, I’m still a student and client, and now a friend of his, all because he realized, before I ever realized it, that I didn’t care about learning marketing. I cared about learning to market in a way that was authentic to me and helped me become something more than just a Realtor, business owner, or even just an entrepreneur.

I know a number of Realtors who take home a lot more money than me. Some might say because of that fact they are better at business than me. Perhaps they are, but it depends on how you define business success. When I study the way they do business, it doesn’t resonate with me.

They have a how much can I make mindset versus a how much can I help mindset.

They have spent the last few years focused on how to get more listings, while I spent the time developing the Value Driven Approach to help our clients net more money with each listing.

They hound and pester their friends and contacts for more referrals and it works because most people just finally give in and help them.

But I just can’t get myself to do that.

It’s not how I ever want to do business.

I mean, how do you really trust someone, when you know their main goal is making money off of you?

When I was young, I had a few true friends who I knew would always have my back. Just as I had theirs. I knew I could count on them if I was ever in trouble or needed help.

This is what I have with Fletcher. A friend. And it’s what, when I started my business, I wanted to have with all my clients. True friends who knew they could count on me, not just because I was their real estate agent who helped them buy or sell a home.

Once you connect with someone, once you build trust versus personal gain, you know you can call on that person for help. And you know you can trust them, and count on their advice – knowing they’re not just salesmen trying to sell you their latest widget.

What I learned from Fletcher was that building a business based on trust was just the beginning.

Just like an Olympic athlete who commits to practice every day to accomplish something great, anyone of us can commit to practice to improve our ability to inspire others.

If we can inspire others, we can accomplish more. A lot more.

Ryan Fletcher is proving that can be done with Impact Club. Which inspires me deeply.

I’m honored to be a part of a local chapter of Impact Club here in Boise. Being a part of it makes me feel like we can do more than I ever thought possible, to make an impact in our community far greater than what I could have done on my own.

Many people initially joined because they trusted me or they trusted another member and they were inspired by what we were trying to do.

The ability to inspire often starts with trust. It opens the door to allow ourselves to get inspired.

To be more. To do more.

Have a great week.

Mike and Girls with Impact ClubMike Turner

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