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Welcome to another edition of Q&A Friday. Here are this week’s questions:


I see you mentioned to someone that you do real estate and lending as well, how are you able to do both?

I actually don’t do both. I advise on both and help clients through the whole process of getting a mortgage and purchasing a home so they don’t make fundamental mistakes that cost them time, money, and unneeded stress.

For instance, there are a lot of great loan programs that mortgage lenders either don’t want to provide because it means extra work on their end, or their company just doesn’t want to do them. Like Remodel Loans, they’ve been around for many years, but getting a lender to do one, and do it well, shouldn’t be so hard. So I’ve partnered with loan officers who specialize in remodel loans and I help guide my clients through the process.


I love your IMPACT CLUB idea. I saw your last IMPACT CLUB check was for $16,000, but your previous one was $20,000, did you lose members?

When we started Impact Club Boise in May 2017, we had 115 members, in September we grew to 150 members, December we had just over 200, which was totally awesome, but not all members made their quarterly donation of $100. So at this past event, we only wrote the check for what we had collected that night. However, since then we have had another $1,400 come in and more is expected. You can follow our progress at

All of it is going to our latest winning charity, Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter. At our last event we heard about how the shelter started a program with the city parks department to provide work opportunities for the homeless so they can begin to earn an income. They have had some amazing success stories and now with the donations from Impact Club, they can further expand this program.

New members looking to join Impact Club Boise still have a chance to contribute to our combined donation to Interfaith Sanctuary. Just follow the link below to sign up to be a member. You’ll see an optional box on the registration page that allows you to apply a payment to a previous event winner.


I heard with the new tax reform you can’t write off your home mortgage interest anymore, is that true?

The new tax reform still allows the mortgage interest deduction on your primary residence, but only for a mortgage up to $750,000. Always check with your accountant about your personal situation.


What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Ooh, tough call. Let me instead tell you some of my favorite treats downtown.

The scallops at Chandlers – simply awesome (you can order the entrée or a single scallop as an appetizer).

If you enjoy beer, try Prost, the German pub. I love all their beer, and they frequently rotate their options. Don’t expect to be able to pronounce any of them, just ask the bartender what they recommend and you’ll be all set.

I’m also a sucker for the jalapeno appetizer at Matador, so we frequent that one a lot on cold nights.

My favorite dessert downtown is the Fork’s butter cake. I don’t like cake, and I’m not really a desserts person, but good grief that butter cake is amazing. I dare you to try it.

What are your favorite things to order in Downtown Boise?

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