2020 Boise Real Estate Predictions

I gave a presentation to the Ada County Assessors office about my thoughts and concerns about the local housing market for 2020. So I thought I would share those same thoughts with you here. I made 3 videos. 

You’ll see from the video we have a major issue brewing in the Boise market and I don’t believe we are coming close to addressing it.


Can you guess what percentage of homes sold in 2019 in the Boise area (Ada County) were priced under $200,000 (including condos and townhomes)?

When I asked that question to a room full of real estate professionals, most guessed between 10-15%.

To see the answer, check out Part 2 of my 2020 Boise real estate predictions. [The answer is quite shocking]

These videos are informal yet important because they discuss a massive crisis brewing in the Boise market. I hope these videos will stimulate more conversations and discusions, and provide you with a heads up on what to expect with the housing market this year.

If I didn’t address a particular concern or question you have, then please feel free to contact me so I can address it.