Client Stories: The Tyler's Home

We were considering selling our house by owner, but are glad we didn't. Mike has really exceeded our expectations and his advice has literally been worth $1,000s. What I like most are his negotiating tactics. He negotiates just like I would... fair, but strong enough to get us the best deal. - Brodie Tyler - March 2017

I first met Brodie Tyler many years ago through a marketing group where entrepreneurs come together to learn and strategize ways to improve our marketing skills for our businesses.

Brodie has been a natural born entrepreneur his whole life. Even when he was in school, it was evident that he was thinking differently than his fellow students who were hoping college was going to land them a good job. Brodie saw college as a place to explore his interests, but he already knew he could create his own job.

Recently, I interviewed Brodie for my podcast/radio show called Idaho Speakeasy. Brodie talked about his interesting backstory and his latest entrepreneurial adventure called He took an idea and figured out a way to create software and a company to help serve a great need for businesses. You can hear the full interview with Brodie here:

After the interview Brodie and I went to lunch, and that is when he told me about his dream of building a home. He told me how he and his wife Lindsey loved their current home, but there were a few things they would love to change, and how he had always craved going through the process of designing his own home and creating something that would be uniquely theirs.

This conversation led to meeting Lindsey and Brodie at their home in Star, as they wanted to get my opinion on what they could sell their home for.

Before we discussed the pricing of their home, I explained our documented approach to maximize client profits by following our system called the Listing Triangle™ and how we leverage a “Value Driven Approach” versus a “Price Driven Approach.” We discussed what needed to happen to maximize the sale price of their home.

Maximum value doesn’t ‘just happen,’ it must be purposefully engineered every step of the way.
I also went over our different commission fee structures. They elected for my Consultant Based Fee Structure, which would help them save thousands compared to what most real estate agents charge.
Brodie said he was committed to doing what they could to maximize what they would net from the home, so they could apply as much as possible to their next home. We came up with a list of tasks and a timeline to get the home on the market.

I find that when presented with a clear path to success, my most committed clients are more than happy to do what they can to put themselves in a position to win.

The Tylers had a significant punch list of items to do prior to listing the home. Having four kids at home made these tasks extra difficult, but they persevered and made it happen.

Weather over the winter caused some delays in getting their home painted, but it wasn’t long before I got a text from Brodie saying, “We are ready, schedule the photographer.”

When I came out to their home to meet the photographer, I could see instantly that Lindsey and Brodie had worked very hard to get the home ready. Lindsey was picking up the kids from school and Brodie was running around finishing up some last minute clean up tasks before the photographer showed up. I jumped in to give him a quick hand by finishing the vacuuming of the upstairs bedrooms.

My photographer Rusty arrived just in time. The house looked transformed from when I first saw it and I knew we were going to be able to maximize the sale price of their home. Had the Tylers skipped doing their punch list to get the home ready to sell, I know for a fact their home would have sold for $15,000 - $25,000 less than it should have.

During that visit I explained what would happen next. I take the professional photos through a special editing process (it’s one of my secret weapons that attracts 3-4 times more buyers to my listings compared to other competing homes). The pictures of the home help tell the story of that home, so we work very hard to get that story right. We also discussed our initial marketing plan that is designed to create a sense of urgency for buyers to want to see the home as soon as possible, which is all part of our Visibility strategy for our listings.

We launched the listing on a Thursday morning and immediately had a request for a showing. I followed up with the agent right after the showing and he told me how much they loved the home. I told him that we had other scheduled showings that day and a few other strategic comments to further build urgency about the property. My goal was to get them to submit an offer that same day.

Later that afternoon there was a second showing on the home. I called the agent after the showing and he also told me his buyers really liked the home. I told him I anticipated an offer from the other buyers and other details to further amplify the urgency for the home.

We got an offer from the first buyers at 6:30pm. It was full price, just what we were looking for. I was so excited for the Tylers. As it is with all sellers, there is a lot of anxiety that builds up prior to listing a home. To see the plan unfold exactly as we were hoping was a great feeling. As I was typing up the email to send to Lindsey and Brodie, I saw a second offer come in. It was a full price offer, too!

It was so much fun to tell them the good news. They were so excited. I remember Lindsey saying, “Wow, this is really happening.” I told them based on my read of the buyers that I believed I could negotiate even better terms for them.

The end result was that we were able to negotiate an offer for the Tylers that was $5,000 above their asking price, plus the ability to rent back their home for up to 60 days after closing! An amazing outcome, for which I give credit to Lindsey and Brodie. The home would have sold for a lot less if they had not been so willing to follow the game plan we designed. The Tylers also saved close to $6,000 of traditional real estate fees by electing for our Consultant Based Fee Structure.

List Price: $297,900
Sold Price: $303,500
Days on Market: 1
Net Results: $5,600 over asking price
Commission Savings: $6000 (using our “Consultant Based Fee Structure”)

Congratulations Brodie and Lindsey! I’m looking forward to seeing Brodie following his dream and the Tyler family having a new home they can cherish for many years to come.
By treating your home as an investment like a business with a stock price versus a home with a sale price – there are unique ways to manipulate the perceived value of any home on the market. For a more in-depth discussion on we maximize homeowner profits, request your free copy of my book, The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate.
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Mike Turner