5 daily practices to get luckier in business


You just have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky?

We’ve all experienced times in our lives (could be happening to you right now) when the cards just seemed stacked against you. The harder you try, appears to not have any impact at getting you closer to your goals. As if there is a glass ceiling keeping you from breaking into the next level of success in your business.  

In my first seven years as an entrepreneur, despite my efforts, my business always seemed destined not to grow, as if it had plateaued. I would constantly try new things to see if that would help me finally break into another level of success. I kept working harder and harder, but in the end, I seemed to always reach the same results as before. It was like running on a treadmill—no matter how hard I ran, I stayed in the same place.   

It is easy to feel like you are unlucky in business if your hard work consistently falls short of your ambitions.  

Frustration from falling short of my goals led me to seek out wisdom from other great businessmen and entrepreneurs. I found that many of these great men and women take similar actions on a daily basis to achieve their success. They create their own luck.  Here are my findings.

How to create your own luck.

  1. Take 100% Responsibility

Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success magazine and a New York Times best selling author, discusses this topic at length his book called The Compound Effect. In simple terms, it’s like when a child becomes an adult. It’s not when they turn 18, but rather when they no longer rely on anybody else to do things or pay for things for them. When they take 100% responsibility for their own life and their decisions.  

Where this practice becomes hard is remembering to take 100% responsibility when you are relying on others in business or even in a relationship. If you do something to help someone else, do you feel that entitles you to get something in return from them? Of course it would be nice if that happened, but if you expect it and it doesn’t happen, it leads to us making excuses and complaints for issues or problems that are not our fault. Someone else was the cause of it.  

Once you start reflecting on everything you get frustrated about at work and at home, you may see that you may not be taking 100% ownership of the problems that exist. Has an employee messed up a report they sent to a client? You could have looked it over first, or created some sort of internal check system before it went out. Your best client just jumped ship to your competitor?  You could have been taking them for granted and not striving to improve the business relationship or services you offer compared to your competitors. Frustrated by something your spouse is doing or not doing? What behaviors have you done (or not done) that could have led to this frustration you are experiencing with your spouse?  

Taking 100% responsibility for your failures is not easy practice, but once you take ownership of them they are easier to fix or avoid in the future. Plus, taking 100% responsibility for yourself has the added benefit of taking responsibility of your successes as well. Even if you got help along the way, your success would not have happened without you. Taking ownership of your successes helps strengthen your backbone of confidence. If you are going to create your own luck, you need a strong foundation of confidence in yourself.

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2. Self-Educate

The late Jim Rohn is one of America’s most famous entrepreneurs because once he made his fortune he dedicated his life to helping others achieve success in business and in life. Jim grew up in Caldwell, Idaho and had an amazing rags-to-riches story: working as a store clerk at Sears to becoming a millionaire by his early 30s. Jim was a huge believer in seeking out knowledge. So many brilliant business people and entrepreneurs share their strategies and stories in books. He said a formal education will make you a living, a self-education will make you a fortune.

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Jim Rohn also said the difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read. I’ve found this to be true for myself.  A major reason I travel for months overseas with my family each year is that I was deeply impacted by reading Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-hour Workweek. Had I not read that book (and re-read it many times), I don’t think I would travel more than the occasional week or two like most families. A book can have huge impacts on your life and your business. If you regularly consume books and other resources from mentors and those who have reached the level of success you desire, you will begin to find your luck.  

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Don’t let excuses and the business of life keep you from reading books that can help you. If you are a slow reader like myself, get the audio version. Listen to books rather than sports or political news on the radio. Dedicate 20-30 minutes to a book or podcast before you put on your favorite show at night. Take notes while you read or listen to books. Write down action steps and key takeaways. Most top-level entrepreneurs and business people will tell you one of the key advantages they have in their industry is that they read more than their competitors. They educate themselves at a higher level.

3.  Practice What You Learn


What do Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Richard Branson all have in common? They didn’t finish high school. So how did they accomplish so much?  They learned and practice skills they wanted to be better at. Walt Disney dropped out of high school and ended up working for the Red Cross in France during the war. Reportedly his ambulance was covered from top to bottom with cartoons that eventually became his film characters.  

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It’s great if you take time to learn by reading books and by seeking out mentors, but if you don’t implement and take actions from the ideas that inspire you, then nothing will change.  

As Tony Robbins says, “Once you have absolute clarity about the exact result you want and why you must achieve it, the next step is to take massive action to get yourself there.” Take swift and committed action when you feel inspired to find your luck.  

4.  Be Prepared for Opportunity

If the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of landed in your lap tomorrow, would you be ready? If you are seeking a new type of client, a new venture, a new job, a meeting with a specific person, are you ready to hit the ground running? 

Jim Rohn's father liked to say, “When it’s raining outside, it’s too late to fix the roof; when it’s sunny, the roof doesn’t need fixing.” Which means don’t wait for the opportunity to come along to get ready for it. 

Few things are worse in business than watching an opportunity slip by when you can’t jump on it because you are not quite ready to pull the trigger. Put the work in now, to be ready. Opportunities will come your way—we all can get lucky, but only a few who are prepared can seize the opportunity.  

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5. Know When to Sprint

Knowing when to sprint is a skill. As a business owner, you have a million things you could be working on and a million other things that could distract you. Those who find the most success in their business know that when you land a great opportunity you sprint like hell to deliver your best effort on that opportunity. You stay up all night, you learn a new skill, you accomplish something you didn’t know you could even do, you go for it. You don’t clock out at 5 pm and hope for the best tomorrow. You go all in.  

Of course you can’t sprint all the time. Some do, and they burn out or crash. You have to work hard and smart to succeed in any business, but to get truly lucky in business you have to know when to sprint.  

Become Lucky In Business Today.

You’re reading this article; that’s a start. But reading motivational quotes won't make you successful. So go take some action right now and create your own luck.

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