Dr. Ego (you’ve met him before)

“I was shocked to learn the tactics of one of the most successful agents in town.”

Last month I was at a Realtor function and I bumped into an Agent who I’d not seen in a while. She told me how she had recently moved brokerages, which surprised me because she had been working in a team with a very successful agent in town. When my friend saw my surprise that she left her team, she leaned in and told me why, 

When I say successful, I mean volume of homes sold. Her previous team leader sells a ton of homes each year and is well known throughout our community.

Basically, her previous team leader was always trying to squeeze more money and fees out of their clients while at the same time using their dominance in the marketplace to push clients to list their home at a price less than it should have been listed so it would sell very quickly.

“I was shocked to learn the profit driven tactics of one of the most successful agents in town was doing, it was clear she was putting her own business profit before her clients.”
Having a team leader or even a broker that is highly profit-driven, may seem like a good trait if you run and manage a business, but not when their profitability comes at the expense of their clients. That leads to short term gains, but inevitably that plan will backfire and their business will be the most vulnerable to market and industry changes.  

These profit-driven tactics were too much for my Realtor friend, so she decided to leave the team. I was proud of her. Had I known she was looking for another way to do business, one that was focused on getting the most money for her clients, rather than focusing on how much money she could earn from them, I would have encouraged her to come to my brokerage.

At Front Street Brokers we are very client-focused. I only want agents in my office that feel the same way I do. I don’t want to recruit a Mega Agent who sells a ton of homes each year, just so my brokerage can achieve more market share. I don’t need a Real Estate Supervillain in my office hurting the reputation that we worked so hard to build.

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Last week I got an email from Dawn Larzelier,

Dear Mike,
THANK YOU AGAIN for delivering yet another great newsletter! Your Supervillain series is hilarious, because it is so true!   

I appreciate Dawn’s feedback. I write these articles and newsletters in part to vent my frustration with my industry, but also to find a way to inform home buyers and sellers that not all agents are equal, and frankly some will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and you won’t even know they are doing it.

The Value Driven Approach
To Sell Real Estate
Last week on my Radio Show, I talked about The Six Fundamental Mistakes homeowners make when they sell their homes. Many of these mistakes can be traced back to which real estate agent is helping them with the sale of their home.

If you missed the show, you can still learn about these 6 fundamental mistakes in my book, but also how we can help sellers maximize profits by using our “Value Driven Approach” to sell real estate. This approach was initially created by studying Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett has had tremendous success when it comes to investing in companies. This success is from his unwavering commitment to follow his approach and rules to investing.

With my real estate listings, I found the same to be true. If we diligently follow our value driven approach when we sell homes, we can ensure our clients maximum profits from the sale of their homes.

If you haven’t received a copy of my book or if you would like to gift the book to another homeowner just email me, and I’ll send you a free copy.

P.S.  If you’ve ever dealt with a “Dr. Ego” or real estate “Cheetah” l’d love to hear your stories.