Client Stories - Mark and Karen

As I write this, my clients Mark and Karen are scheduled to head to the title company later today to sign the final paperwork from the sale of their Condo on Crescent Rim. 

Going in, we anticipated it would take some time to sell their condo, as it was priced near $700,000 and there aren’t many condo buyers at that price range in Boise. 

We listed the home early last summer and we didn’t get an accepted offer until February of this year. Having your home listed for so long creates a lot of strain and stress on sellers. Even for experienced home sellers like Karen and Mark.

I say they are experienced because since I’ve known them (just a few years) they’ve moved multiple times. 

We first meet when they were on their 2nd visit to Boise. They were on a search for a new place to call home. Mark works as a pilot, and they have been based in Memphis, Tennessee for many years. Memphis has been troubled with a high crime rate that doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Mark and Karen were also looking for a change of pace. Mark is scheduled to retire in the near future so they wanted to find a city that they could see themselves retiring in. 

Boise was on their short list to check out. Once they came to town, they fell in love with Boise, like so many of us do. I helped them find their first home here which was in Eagle. A year or two after that, they ultimately decided that the home was too big for them. Right after I sold their Eagle home, Karen wrote me this great testimonial.

We bought and sold our Two Rivers home with Mike Turner. His marketing and Internet expertise gave our home fantastic exposure for a quick sale. Mike communicates well and his strong negotiating skills helped us net more for our home than expected. His team is excellent and he is patient, which helped ease the stress of buying and selling. We highly recommend Mike Turner and Front Street Brokers! 

I really appreciated those kinds words, so today I wanted to respond in kind.  

Mark and Karen are amazing clients to work with. The funny thing is that they often joke with me that they must be my worst clients since they are always changing their minds and asking questions. This makes me laugh because they are so easy to work with. Selling homes, especially high-end homes, is no easy task. My team and I work hard to ensure that we are always out marketing the competition, using our Value Driven Approach to secure the highest price possible for clients (versus the Price Driven Approach that most agents use, which ends netting far less money for home sellers). Many of our low- to mid-priced homes are selling within the first week of listing. However, as mentioned earlier, upper-end homes often take extra time. Mark and Karen always understood this and had faith in my process, trusted my advice, and together we’ve been able to get them where they wanted to go. That may not have been possible if we didn’t have that relationship.

In Karen’s testimonial she said how she appreciated my patience with them and that I helped ease their stress. Well, that goes both ways. I get stressed if I have a client whose home isn’t selling as quickly as I would expect it to. I can’t control the market, but that doesn’t mean I don’t lose sleep over that fact. Having clients like Mark and Karen lowers my stress and helps me enjoy my job that much more. 

Mark and Karen decided that their Eagle home was too big, their downtown condo was too small, and now they have found a home in the North End that they are remodeling. They tell me Boise is definitely their new home, as they can’t see living any place else. I hope this North End home brings them all the comfort and lifestyle they are looking for. It’s been an absolute honor to help them through this transition, I’m humbled by the trust they have in me, and it makes me smile when I think about how I’ve gained two more wonderful friends here in Boise.

So cheers to you, Mark and Karen, on your next adventure here in Boise! 


If you want to learn more about my Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate, just email me and I will send you a copy of my book. It covers fundamental mistakes that homeowners and agents make when selling homes and how Maximum profit cannot be guaranteed, it must be engineered.