What's HOT In McCall This Fall

Things To Do in McCall This Fall

By Front Street Brokers

Many people ignore McCall during the fall season, electing instead to focus their attention on summer and winter activities.  But of course, if you're a hunter you are more than likely already spending a lot of time near McCall this fall in hopes of filling your freezer.

However, many part time residents and visitors often miss the magical period of fall in McCall. It is stunningly gorgeous, peaceful, and the initial crisp days of fall feel like the prefect time to be out enjoying the lush forest atmosphere.  

For those "in the know" fall season in McCall is the perfect time to go have a local hot spring adventure. There are many hot springs in the McCall area. Some that you can drive right up to, others require a bit of hiking.

You might already be a fan of relaxing in natural hot spring pools.  Odds are, whether you are a fan or not, you likely have some fun stories to tell about experiences you've had enjoying Idaho's hot springs.  So why not go create some new memories and have a hot spring adventure this fall?  Here are few options to consider:

Burgdorf Hot Springs

Burgdorf Hot springs

30 Miles North of McCall.  Very rustic.  Open year round but only accessible via snowmobile from November to May. Their are cabins you can to stay in: basic, no bedding, so bring all your camping supplies.  $35 per night per person. No power or cell service. They say the pool is very healing and magical. Don't forget to bring a camera! There are photo opportunities everywhere and a trip to the old gold mining town of Warren is a must.  This place serviced the miners back in the 1860's.  There are soft drinks and a limited menu like hamburgers available. Sounds like a fun adventure to me.

Gold Fork Hot Springs


Located down a long scenic gravel/dirt road just south of Donnelly off Hwy 55 and well worth it! There is a male and female changing area in the Yurt where the main office is that sells snacks, t-shirts, caps, etc. The staff there are very friendly, informative because they've been in the area for a long time. The pools are great. The first one is the hottest at 107 degrees and large..then there are 3 more that are built on levels below the first main one. They get a little cooler as they get further from the main pool. The favorite pool is the one with water gushing out that gives a great back massage.  Some of he pools have a sand floor and there is room for everyone. This is also a spectacular area for spotting your favorite wildlife. Only crowded during the peak season. Gets very crowded and sometimes rowdy during the weekends of the summer months at height of tourist season. Surrounded by nature.. makes a great day trip.  Price is 8 dollars for adults, 6 for kids. Don't forget towels because rentals are 3 dollars a piece.

Zim's Hotsprings

Easiest to get to as it's right off HWY 95 just North of New Meadows city limits. Most commercial-like facility. Zims is open year-round (except Mondays).  Natural hot springs surface 90 to 95 degrees, depending on the weather. One of the pools is Olympic size and kept at a cool 93 degrees and the other soaking pool is a muscle-relaxing 104 degrees. The pool deck has a nice rubber mat so people do not have to walk on cold cement in the winter months when they get in or out of the hot pools. Cost for Seniors (60+) $6,  $7 for others. A basket for clothes storage is provided at check-in. Zim's has a nice rustic open "lodge style" entrance to the pool area, with a wood stove fireplace and a few snacks for sale.

Trail Creek Hot Springs 
Trail Creek

Trail Creek is on public lands and therefore free to to use.  It's a well-known and used hot springs northeast of Cascade Idaho. The pools are a short, but steep hike from the highway pullout. There is a couple pools that are regulated by cold and hot water intakes.

There is literally dozens more hot springs in this area of Idaho.  You can find many resources online.  But you can only learn so much on a computer, go out and have your own hot spring adventure this fall.