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Boise Advice Givers
I'm taking my 5+ years of experience doing a weekly radio show and I am transitioning into doing a weekly Podcast and Monthly Magazine called "Boise Advice Givers" where I will be interviewing Boise's greatest minds, business owners, and others who have advice to give.  As a business owner I have found that I have loads of advice I can share with others. Plus if I also share my backstory, my passions and what makes me different, it has a great impact on my audience / customer base.  So I want to give other business owners and community advocates the opportunity to do the same through my podcast and magazine, while providing a cool resource of valuable information for the people of Boise.  
If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed for Boise Advice Givers, just go to  
Boise Advice Givers