My Frustration Has Fueled Me to Write A Book

 “Success and happiness is the gradual realization of a worthy ideal.” - Earl Nightingale

Over the course of the last several months, I have invested a great deal of time and energy to construct a book with other like-minded agents titled The Warren Buffett Approach to Sell Real Estate: A practical guide to protect yourself from Real Estate Greed & bank an extra $30,000 by taking a Value-Driven Approach.

I hope to get my first shipment of books in August, I will get you a copy. It is that important. If you have a friend or family member who needs a copy, I will get them a copy, too. Reading it could be the difference between saving up to $30,000 dollars when you sell your home and avoiding a year of misery.

The main reason I wrote this book:  


A lot of the book discusses what to watch out for from unethical or greedy agents so you don’t fall victim to this seldom discussed issue in the real estate industry. But the main reason I wrote this book is that I am frustrated with myself for not being better at convincing my clients to take the necessary steps they need to take when selling their home. 

It is very difficult for me to see my clients not follow the advice that will net them so much more in the end and save them months of stress and heartache. 

However, I don’t fault my clients. I obviously have not done a good enough job conveying the importance of adhering to my recommendations. In certain cases, I’ve allowed exceptions. I’ve even broken my own rules. I have, of course, warned these folks about the likely damage that will be caused, as a result of not adhering to the steps outlined to them and in this new book, but I’ve been soft. I haven’t been as adamant as I should be about not allowing deviation from the approach that’s been proven so many times.

I want my clients to be successful. I want my clients to maximize their profit. I want my clients to be some of the few who see their real estate agent (me) as an investment, returning in spades, as opposed to the salesman who runs off with the commission. We both know these kinds of agents exist.
As a commitment to my clients and to myself, I’ve decided to be more firm in my modus operandi. If someone is not willing to read my book, or at least understand the basic arguments to the approach outlined, then I will likely need to refer them to someone else. It is just too painful otherwise. I lose a lot of sleep and it impacts my life significantly when I see my clients suffer, because I suffer with them when they decide not to take the essential steps we recommend before they list their home for sale. Every property is different and therefore the diagnosis to get the highest price out of the home differes in each case, but the fundamentals and principles don’t change.   
It is painful and frustrating to me, to see a client get an inferior result, when I know the result could have been much better. Perhaps it’s also the desire I’ve always had to do my best. I just know that it kills me, and is not at all gratifying to sell a home, for a client, when I know the result is inferior to what it could be, because we didn’t take the time to do X, Y, and Z outlined in my book.
At the end of the day, to be happy, and to achieve something special for my clients, I want to work with clients who are as committed to the success of their home sale as I am.
Just finishing the race isn’t enough, when you know you could have won, had you just tried harder. Hence, I’ve been effectively motivated to write a book. I hope the book will help me communicate the importance of taking the value-driven approach when my clients decide to sell their home.

I don’t plan to sell this book on Amazon or anywhere else, but rather give it away for free in an effort to spread what I feel is an important message. Also, by giving it away for free, I can use the book as another way to help raise money for charity...(More on that next week)

Introducing The Warren Buffett Approach to Sell Real Estate    

After cutting through all of the sales tactics and the typical real estate agent nonsense – the “tell you what you want to hear” rhetoric – The Warren Buffett Approach is a simple and refreshing guide to helping homeowners generate extra profit from the sale of their homes.
My Book

Warren Buffett is fond of saying, “price is what you pay and value is what you get.”  While most other agents are taught to dwell on price alone, we are focusing on the value-driven approach to real estate.  

By applying some of Warren Buffett’s core principles - namely treating your home as an investment, like a business with a “stock” price - we have found that there is a unique way to extract additional profit from any home on the market – sometimes up to $30,000. Perhaps you have seen the traditional real estate approach disappoint and frustrate under-served home sellers?  I know I have.  That’s what has motivated me to develop a different approach. Our most committed clients are enjoying tremendous success...   More about the new book next week.