Summer in Sight (2015)

Summer is in Sight
Summer Is in Sight and My Girls Are Ready!
Certified Sun Junkie
Every year as we feel the weather warming up, my family starts to get excited about summer by discussing and planning camping, hiking, and other cool summer things to do in Idaho.  Personally, I believe one of the best things about living in Boise is that you practically have a guarantee that the weather will be sunny and warm from June to September.  
Grew Up in an Alaskan Rain Forest 
Having grown up in a rain forest in Alaska where almost every day was cloudy with a chance of rain, I can safely say that I am a total Sun Junkie.  I love the sun and the heat.  It just makes me happy.  This sun loving addiction in part comes from my Mother.  As I still have a vivid memory of my mother lathering her self in baby oil trying to maximize the 15 minutes of sun we would sometimes get up in our small town in Alaska.  (I'm not making this up).  
Mystery Breakfast 
Speaking of Mothers.  Mother's day is coming up and my kids (Emilia and Ivy) are super excited about making breakfast and serving their Mom (Amanda) in bed.  This has become kind of an annual tradition and my hope this year is that the kids will actually make something a bit more edible than in previous years. Amanda at Ignite Boise 2015 My wife has always been a good sport about this, and frankly how could you not be when you see the girls' bursting with pride as they serve their breakfast creation.   
Ignite Boise 
My wife Amanda had an exciting week, having the opportunity to speak for Ignite Boise, it's kind of like short "TED Talks" for Boise.  She was one of a handful of speakers talking to a packed house at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise.  Amanda's talk was about Language, she has always been a word nerd and known for her humor, so she gave quite a fun and laugh out loud performance.  This time I was the one bursting with pride, as I sat there in the front row thinking how lucky I was to be married to such a cool woman.