How To Have Your "Best Day Ever"

"Best Day Ever"

Ivy TurnerBy Mike Turner

It's was a busy day around the Turner household yesterday.  Ivy just had her Kindergarten Graduation, (apparently they have graduations for Kindergarteners), I must say they were damn cute wearing their little graduation caps.

However, the biggest news of the day is Emilia my oldest, turned 8 years old. She is extremely excited about being 8, I had not realized that 8 was her lucky number, she made that very clear this morning.  

Even though the girls are growing fast it is awesome to see that they still get ridiculously excited about the day ahead. They literally squirm with anticipation.

Emilia TurnerI don't know when that goes away, (I hope never), but I'm regularly reminded by friends that they'll soon be teenagers and likely won't talk to me anymore, or giggle, or treat every day like it is the best day of their lives.  So I try to cherish these moments the best I can.  

My wife Amanda sometimes has to give me a nudge or slap on the back of the head when these awesome moments are happening, because I frequently have tunnel vision when I am working at my computer at home. 

One of the coolest things about having kids is that their enthusiasm is contagious. I just can't help to get super excited about the day myself when I see them bouncing up and down in joyful bliss. 

So maybe the secret ingredient to having the "Best Day Ever" is just let yourself believe it will be the best day ever and recognizing it when it does happen.  

Obviously life does not go to plan and our days don't go the way we hope, so we learn as we get older to put up these shields to lessen the blow of disappointment.  The problem is that we might actually miss the joy of the day because we either block it out or don't recognize the awesomeness of the day unfolding.  

My kids regularly say "today was the best day ever."  When was the last time you said that?  Start looking for it, and I am confident you'll have one too.