When you Hire a FSB Agent.

Did You Know?

When You Hire A FSB Agent to Sell Your Home It's Like Hiring 4,000 Real Estate Agents To Sell It...

Did you know one of the best tools that Front Street Brokers agents have to sell homes is a tool that no other agent in Idaho even has access to. It's called the BOISE AGENT WEEKLY - it's a weekly publication (like this one) but designed specifically for Boise area agents. More than 4,000 agents get this publication every week. It includes valuable information for the agents such as smarter ways they can market their business and local market updates they can't get anywhere else. Which is why the "BOISE AGENT WEEKLY" gets read so much by local real estate agents.  

And if you haven't guess it yet, the BOISE AGENT WEEKLY is published and sent out by....Front Street Brokers.  We send out this valuable information to the agents every week so they get addicted to reading it. This is important because we also include in every publication details about Front Street Brokers listings.  

But where we really hit it out of the park, is that we incentivize all 4,000 real estate agents by spoiling them with awesome gifts if they sell ANY of our listings. For example, agents know if they sell one of our listings one of the bonuses they get is a $150 gift card to the nicest restaurant in town.  

What we achieve by this is getting thousands of local real estate agents aware of YOUR home if we list it. And we encourage them to try hard to sell it by offering them bonuses and other awesome gifts. 

This literally equals the best home selling tool we have EVER used to sell a home, AND since Front Street Brokers is publisher of this tool, we are the only Brokerage in town that has access to it. So, as previously stated, when you hire a FSB agent to sell your home it is literally like hiring 4,000 agents to sell it, which equals better results for you and our clients who hire us!