New Years Letter To Your Self

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A New Year's Event You Don't Want To Miss

New Year's Eve is upon us, and it is one of my favorite times of year. It's a time when I sit back and reflect on the past year and think about what I want to accomplish, my personal goals, and time I want to spend with my family in the coming year. If you are not already doing this, THEN STOP RIGHT NOW, plan an hour or two just for you in a quiet place as soon as you can.  I will share my process with you to help you get started.  This is one New Year's Event you don't want to miss.

Keep in mind this is not a chore. I bet you will walk out of this private meeting feeling better than you have in a long time. I know I always do.

This is not about resolutions. 
Don't do resolutions. 
Think bigger.

STEP 1 - Brainstorm a long-term bucket list
This exercise shouldn't be confined to just a one-year time frame. In fact, when you get started take TIME out of the equation altogether when you start this task. Just sit your butt down and start thinking about what to do with your life and start writing.  Where do you want to be or how do you want to grow with your relationships, work and family?

Personally, I don't spend much time on what I want to possess or alter about myself, but rather focus on what I want to do or accomplish.

Just keep writing down your thoughts, treat it more like a brainstorm, and try to get as many thoughts out as possible, don't get hung up if it seems silly or impractical. If you get stuck, think long term and it should help to keep you writing.

STEP 2 - Daydream (don't skip this step)
Stop and study your list for a bit. Indulge in a few blissful minutes of visualizing yourself doing or accomplishing the things on your list. Create the mental theater for yourself, where you are actually watching a movie about you. It might sound corny, but if you do it your success rate will skyrocket, so just relax and do some focused daydreaming.

STEP 3 - Organize Your Awesomeness 
Finally, take a new piece of paper and reorganize your list. Identify and focus on which ones are most important, exciting, and the scariest to you (keep in mind that the scariest ones are often the most gratifying to your soul). Those are the ones you want to challenge yourself with, and the ones you want to assign a time frame to. Pick time frames that make you nervous, but that you see as possible.

STEP 4 - Put the list somewhere you will see it often 
I recommend finding a home for your list so that you can refer back to it on a regular basis. If you are really motivated, put it on your fridge, in your bathroom, or on your bedside table. The more often you see it the better, as it has this amazing ability to light an internal fire within you. Definitely try not to misplace it, because it becomes extremely satisfying to look back on these lists if you do them each year.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don't get too hung up on deadlines.
Deadlines are important as they train you not to put off important tasks, but overly aggressive time frames don't always work out. I can tell you firsthand that I miss deadlines more often than not, but the funny thing is I almost always eventually reach my goal. I accomplish almost every goal I write down, but it rarely happens as fast as I was hoping for. When you do this every year, you'll find it's always exciting to check realized goals off your list and add new ones on.

Have a great and fulfilling New Year!

Mike Turner