18 women live in this home

There is an old farm house off of State Street in Boise, Idaho that currently houses 18 women.

They call it Chrysalis which, if you remember from science class, is the protective shelter that allows the caterpillar to grow into a butterfly.

This is a home for women who have fallen on hard times through addiction, incarceration, homelessness, and are now looking for a path to rebuild their lives.

Chrysalis not only provides a warm bed, but has a 6- to 18-month program to help these women get back on their feet. Each woman is required to get a job, pay rent, and follow the rules of the home. In return they get counseling, support, love, and a second chance.

Chrysalis annual breakfastThis past Saturday morning, my family and I were treated to a delicious breakfast at Chrysalis Women’s Transitional Living. The breakfast was served by women living in the home and they even gave us a tour of the property. Most of the bedrooms had 3 to 4 single beds, which is how they accommodate so many women.

We were invited as part of their annual breakfast to thank volunteers and donors.

My big takeaway was how appreciative these women were. To have the home and the support they receive from staff and volunteers. They couldn’t talk about it without getting emotional. It was truly a wonderful and enlightening experience for me and my family.

Chrysalis has two other homes in the Boise area as well, all at capacity.

The founder and director of Chrysalis, Marsha Tennyson, was there and so was Sarah Hill. You might recognize those names, as Sarah spoke on behalf of Chrysalis at our 2nd Impact Club event. She is a graduate of the Chrysalis program, and if you haven’t heard her five minute talk about her experience, take the time to watch this.

After our Impact Club event, I invited Marsha to come on my radio show, and to this day it is one of my favorite interviews, ever. Her story is amazing and it was an honor to share it with the community.

I encourage you to learn more about Chrysalis. The more I learn about them, the more I’m inspired.

They are always looking for volunteers and community support. They also have an annual golf event fundraiser in September. Find details on their website:

Until next time, have an awesome day.

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